2023 Seachoice Products

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT · 15 KEY: Blue Item # = New | Red Item # = Hazardous | v Oversize | * While Supplies Last Item# Color Fastener Pack Case 50-14193 Black #6 fastener 10 20 50-14194 Black #8 fastener 10 20 •  Provides maximum stability for wire bundles •  Enables users to mount cable ties to almost any surface •  Built-in cable tie slot allows users to string the cable tie through the mount •  Ideal for use with Seachoice cable ties, compatible with most brands SADDLE MOUNT Item# Description Case 50-13801 Round 12 MOLDED MARINE CONNECTOR closed Polarized 2 contact connector. For marine and automotive use. Molded ABS interiors. Protected by PVC caps. For 6V, 12V and 24V applications. 10A @ 12V. Item# Case 50-10121w 12 Water-tight chrome plated brass. 1 1/2" dia. chrome plated brass flange with waterproof plastic snap-on cover. Two pin double contact socket and plug. Plug has protective black plastic boot. Fasten with #4 screws. 3A @ 12V. DECK CONNECTOR Item# Case 50-10161w 12 Water-tight chrome plated brass. Brass double contacts supplied complete with black plastic threaded knurled cap and chain. Insures positive watertight fitting. Fasten with #6 screws. Flange diameter 1 1/2". Overall length: 2 3/4". 3A @ 12V. DECK CONNECTOR Item# Fastener Case 50-15131w #8 Screws 12 •  12V •  Fasteners included •  Stamped 304 stainless steel mounting plate 304 STAINLESS STEEL POWER SOCKET Item# Pack Case 50-36351w 4 12 50-36361w 100 6 •  Versatile hook-and-loop closure straps •  Organize cords, hoses, lines, fishing rods, and much more •  Ideal for boats, camping, garages – virtually anywhere •  Durable 12" W x 1" L webbing reinforced with a bar tack at each end •  Sewn-in loop ideal for hanging from pegs or hooks •  Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black BUNDLING STRAPS 36361 36351 Item# Description Size Case 50-15001w Plug & Socket 12 50-15011w Socket Only 2 1/4" L x 1 1/4" W x 1 5/8" D 10 50-15021w Plug Only 12 Nickel plated phosphor bronze and nylon. Will accept all other cigarette lighter type units. Equipped with weather seal cover and gasket. 10A @ 12V. ACCESSORY PLUG AND SOCKET 15021 15011 15001 Item# Description Amps Case 50-15019 Socket Only 15 10 •  Designed to withstand harsh marine environments •  Corrosion-resistant materials •  Nickel-plated copper alloy used for all current carrying components •  Protective dust cap keeps debris and moisture out •  Installs in existing 12V DC socket hole •  Cut Out Size: 1 1/8" Dia. •  Removable mounting plate 12 VOLT DC PLUG AND SOCKET – HIGH CAPACITY Item# Input Output Case 50-20001w 12V DC 5V DC/3 Amps 6 Dual-port USB design allows user to charge two devices at the same time. •  Port A: single 2.1A Fast Charger USB port •  Port B: single 1.0A Fast Charger USB port •  Compatible with any pad, MP3, GPS, or phone that charges from a USB port •  Applications: motorcycle, ATV, UTV, rigid inflatable boat, golf cart •  70" Power cord •  Waterproof IP66 rated •  CE / FCC / RoHS certified WATERPROOF DUAL-PORT USB CHARGER - PANEL MOUNT Item# Case 50-15061w 8 Converts any 12V cigarette lighter socket to dual power outlet. LED light indicates power. Fuse included. DUAL POWER OUTLET Item# Input Output Case 50-15071 12-24V 5V DC/2 Amps 12 •  Use with: Mobile Phones, iPad, iPod, MP3/4, Digital Camera, etc. •  LED indication light •  Plugs into most cigarette lighters or 12V accessory outlets to allow use of up to 2 USB devices DUAL USB POWER ADAPTER Item# Description Input Output Amps Case 50-15069 Standard 10V-30V DC 5V DC ± 5% 2.1 10 50-15079 w/Volt Meter 9V-33V DC 5V DC ± 5% 2.4 10 •  Two ports with protective dust cap •  Protective dust cap keeps debris and moisture out •  Compatible with popular mobile devices •  Protective coating blocks harsh marine elements •  Cut Out Size: 1 7/16" x 7/8" DUAL USB CHARGER 15079 15069